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Matthew Ball is a two-time digital media executive. From 2016-2018, he served as the global Head of Strategy for Amazon Studios, and prior to that was a Director at The Chernin Group, a digital media investment company founded by long-time Newscorp COO and 20th Century Fox CEO Peter Chernin. Today, he is a venture capitalist who focuses primarily on interactive media. He holds bylines at New York Times, The Economist and more.


  • Start-Ups: mb at matthewball dot vc

  • Hedge funds: mbva at matthewball dot vc (my professional research service can be found here: https://ballmatthew.substack.com)

  • Press: Press at matthewball dot vc


[Matthew Ball] is probably the most insightful Netflix analyst out there... I never learn so much about the media business than when I’m reading [him]" - Felix Salmon, Chief Financial Correspondent, Axios

“There are plenty of smart media moguls. But the smartest of them ask Matt what he thinks they should do next.” - Gady Epstein, Media Editor, The Economist

"[After Matt published 'Disney-as-a-Service'], Kevin Mayer called and said 'Hey, Bob Iger and I would like to have lunch with you'...And Iger, I’m going to paraphrase here, says 'You know, you’re an idiot.' And I’m like, 'Why is that, Bob?' And he goes, “You give away for free what we pay tens of millions of dollars a year from management consultants for.” - Jason Hirschhorn, as reported by Peter Kafka at Recode

“Matthew Ball is an essential read. His tweetstorms are a must follow and his dispatches on the state of streaming are bookmarked and deeply scrolled. He's clear eyed about the industry's faults and its potential, and few present such original thinking about media and technology. Every time I think I’ve got a grip on the business, Matthew will suggest a new thought, a curlicue of insight that makes me bang my fist on the table and wonder, Why didn’t I think of that?!” - Ed Lee, Media Reporter, New York Times

“I learn more from reading [Matt’s] deep and thoughtful analyses than I do from reading anything else. [Matt is] a gift to those of us in the industry who are trying to figure things out. [He is] my great translator and prognosticator and you make it all simple and palatable to understand.” - Quentin Schaffer, EVP Comms, HBO

"We recommend Matthew Ball's take on [Netflix’s future]” - Financial Times, Alphaville (April 2019)

"Matthew Ball is the smartest media analyst I read. And I read a lot of media analysis." Derek Thompson, Economics, Technology, & Media Reporter, The Atlantic

"We recommend Matthew Ball’s excellent long-read on [Disney’s future with ‘Star Wars’] - Financial Times, Alphaville (August 2019)

"[Matthew Ball] is considered one of the most authoritative voices on big media business" - Sara Fischer, Media Reporter, Axios